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The origins of the project

OOrion was born from a meeting between two engineers and a blind woman, Christine, 45 years old. She told them about a scene where she had spent more than 20 minutes on the floor in her building lobby trying to find her keys that had fallen out of her pocket. And according to her, this was just an example of situations that occur very frequently: identifying and locating objects in the environment is not easy for visually impaired individuals.
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Our successes

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Emergence bonus from France Active

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Grant French Tech

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Laureats for the prize 'Pépite' Auvergne Rhône Alpes

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Impact Award from Tech For Future

The team

Stéphanie Robieux, CEO of OOrion, and Thomas Brisson, CTO, co-founded OOrion while they were still engineering students, 3 years ago now. Axelle joined them in september 2022 as Marketing/Communications Manager, and Bertrand in April 2023 as a Developer. Together with Thomas, he is responsible for the technical development of the OOrion tool.

L'Equipe d'OOrion

They helped design OOrion

Simon Torzec


Digital instructor at UNADEV Toulouse, UX designer.

Arnaud Delannoy


Digital coordinator at Amis des Aveugles.

Mélanie Darras


Digital trainer at the SAVS DV in Paris.

Pauline Pacalet


Locomotion instructor at the Odette Witkowska Centre in Lyon.

Our vision

"To be the international reference tool for environment recognition for visually impaired and blind people in everyday life."


An app co-constructed with its users.


An intelligent, high-performance tool, the best in the business.


Technically and financially accessible.

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