The OOrion app

OOrion is a mobile app aimed to help visually impaired individuals to identify, search and locate elements in the environment, in particular objects and texts.
Photo de présentation de l'application OOrionOorion utilisation de l'application et capture d'écran
Photo de présentation de l'application OOrion

OOrion l'Application

OOrion est une application mobile aidant les personnes déficientes visuelles dans l’identification, la recherche et la localisation des éléments constituant l’environnement, notamment les objets et le texte.


The app currently has 4 different features that can be used with VoiceOver (the IPhone screen reader) or without, as well as via Siri commands. It doesn't require internet connection or additional equipment to operate.

Capture d'écran de l'application OOrion, exemple : recherche d'objets à proximité

Find an object

feature 1

You have put your white cane somewhere and you don't remember where? Or look for the electrical outlet in your hotel room?

Don't panic, just go to the "Seach for an object" feature and choose form the list (you can also type or say) the object you are looking for. If it is present among the objects recognisable by OOrion, you can start its search and scan your environment with the smartphone camera. When the object is identified "beeps", vibrations and distance indications will tell you how to find it.

Find a text

feature 2

Are you on the street and looking for the entrance to a store that you know is nearby?

Go to the "find text" feature, enter or speak the text you are looking for, then scan your environment. Once the desired text is found in the environment, OOrion will guide you, as with the search for objects feature , to the location of this text.

Capture d'écran de l'application OOrion exemple : recherche d'un objet
screen de l'application OOrion : Fonctionnalité scan de l'environnement

Nearby objects

feature 3

You arrive in a place that you do not know and would like, independently to have a description of the elements present?

Go to OOrion's "Nearby Objects" feature. All you have to do is scan the environment with the smartphone camera and, instantly, you will obtain a description of the objects constituting the environment. If you want to find one in particular, you can the first feature!

Nearby texts

feature 4

Do you want to read an inscription on a store front, on a food product, or on a household appliance?

In the same way, all you have to do is go to the "Nearby Texts" feature and then scan the environment with the smartphone camera. All texts present in the environment will be read to you instantly.

Capture d'écran de l'application OOrion, exemple : recherche de texte
Miniature vidéo du Tuto de l'application OOrion


Want a more complete explanation of how to use OOrion? Here's a tutorial video showing how to use each feature, with or without Siri!

See more videos
Miniature vidéo du Tuto de l'application OOrion

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OOrion technologies

OOrion's technology is based on real-time image recognition algorithms, a branch of artificial intelligence, as well as text recognition algorithms. State-of-the-art methods just emerging from artificial intelligence research laboratories were used to develop this tool so that it is as efficient and reliable as possible!


In all cases you can use OOrion simply though Siri commands: for example, to search for objects say : "hey Siri, search for the Bottle object with OOrion". For more information on Siri commands, refer to the tutorials.


Are you visually impaired? You can directly use the OOrion interface, very simplified in buttons and colors, and you can choose to enlarge. Are you blind? OOrion is fully compatible with VoiceOver, the Iphone screen reader.


The entire ergonomics has been designed to best suit the diversity of our users. For example, they can choose to have a darker or lighter screen, to have larger or smaller writing.

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