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The 5 mobile apps for blind or low vision individuals

The top 5 solutions to enhance the independence of visually impaired individuals.

Nowadays, an increasing number of technological tools enable visually impaired and blind individuals to gain more independence in their daily lives through their mobile phones. Whether it's for reading text, understanding the overall environment, or finding a lost object, here are our reviews of the 5 best specialized smartphone tools we tested in 2022.

Seeing AI: the must-have.

Seeing AI app aveugles

@ Copyright seeing AI

Seeing AI is a mobile application based on Artificial Intelligence developed by Microsoft five years ago. It transforms the visual world into an auditory experience by providing descriptions of people, text, and nearby objects.

This application offers various features. The main one is to read and describe documents placed under the phone's camera, taking into account barcode scanning for products and banknotes. Other features include face recognition and color detection.

The app is available for free on iOS.
Here is the link to the Seeing AI website for more information: Seeing AI

OOrion: Have you lost your keys? Don't know which direction the Pharmacy is in?

OOrion app déficients visuels

This is a mobile appl based on artificial intelligence designed to assist visually impaired individuals in their daily lives, providing them with more independence. With just the smartphone camera, users can find lost objects using the object search feature. They can scan their environment, and the app will inform the user about what's around them through the environment scanning feature. Lastly, users can perform specific text searches using the text search feature.

This appl is available for free on iOS.
Here is the download link to try out the application: Application OOrion

Be My Eyes: an intelligent app connecting visually impaired users with volunteers.

Be my eyes logo - app malvoyants

@ Copyright Be My Eyes

This app connects visually impaired users with sighted volunteers through live video calls.The volunteers provide visual assistance to blind and visually impaired users, such as distinguishing colors, checking if lights are on, or assisting them with more specific tasks.

The app is available for free on iOS and Android.
Here is the website to learn more: Be my eyes

Voice Dream Reader: an intelligent tool capable of reading articles, documents, and books out loud.

voice dream app déficients visuels

@ Copyright Voice Dream Reader

With this app, you can download various types of files and have them read by Voice Dream Reader. It is possible to change the voices and reading speed, as well as the font size, color, and margins.

This paying app is available on iOS.
Here is the website to learn more: Voice dream reader

Sound Scape: a navigation app tailored for visually impaired individuals.

soundscape app aveugles

@ Copyright Sound Scape

With the use of a 3D audio headset, it is possible to identify the characteristics of an environment and be guided to a specific location. The information is provided in an adapted way, with audio providing sound-based information to enhance perception of the surroundings and facilitate navigation. For example, if the user is heading towards a bakery on their right side, the instructions will be given through the right ear.
This app is available for free on iOS.
Here is an article that will provide you with more information about Sound Scape:  Sound Scape

Here is a comparative table of the different apps to help you make your choice...

tableau de comparaison des 5 applications

So, depending on your needs, there are various tools and apps available! We have given you an overview of what's out there...

However, to enhance your daily independence, we recommend downloading the essential ones for this year, which are OOrion, Be My Eyes, and Seeing AI.

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